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IT Email Confirmation

To verify email from Westmont College IT is valid, check to see if the sender, subject, date, and contents correspond with an entry in the table below.

August 3, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[various recipients] Global Protect VPN client upgrade
July 20, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[fac, staff] Planned Network Maintenance Outage
July 19, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[various recipients] Notificaton of Password Compromise
June 25, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[various recipients] Google Password Exposure
June 24, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[fac, staff] Planned network maintenance outage
June 10, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[various recipients] Password Expiration Policy
May 29, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[various recipients] LiveJournal credential compromise
May 26, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[various recipients] Egnyte ELC short outage tonight
April 6, 2020rsheard@westmont.edu[various recipients] Information on Google Email Issues
April 2, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff] Zoom Security Concerns
March 25, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff,students] Important: Internet disruption on campus this evening
March 20, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Covid-19 Security and Technology Issues
March 20, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff] IT suggestions for working remotely
March 3, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[affected accounts] Zynga compromised passwords - Requires action
February 19, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff] Egnyte maintenance outage Friday night
February 12, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff] Brief Phone Outage tonight about 7 p.m.
February 12 - 21, 2020rodkey@westmont.edu[various students] Important: it’s time to change your password
December 4, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[selected emails] Important information about required password change
November 18, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff,allstudents] Important: cell phone scam and password compromises
November 13, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[selected emails] Important information about required password change
November 11, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[selected emails] Re: Important information about required password change
November 6, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[selected emails] Important information about required password change
November 4, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[selected emails] Your credentials at MyHeritage.com
October 24, 2019rsheard@westmont.edu[selected staff] Important Email Regarding Security Changes Impacting You
October 24, 2019rsheard@westmont.edu[fac,staff] Important Email Regarding Data Security At Westmont
September 3, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff,allstudents] Wireless Woes
August 7, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff] Phone calls out of area code 805
July 30, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Most effective phishing
June 18, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff] Google Calendar
May 31, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff] Phishing training and attacks
Apr 23, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff] Student email lists
Apr 3, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff,allstudents] Phone service Friday evening
Mar 11, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff] New Network Names Available Now
Mar 8, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff,allstudents] Network changes over spring break
Feb 18, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[fac,staff,allstudents] Phone service Friday evening
Feb 15, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[Securitytips] Spear phishing attacks
Jan 4, 2019rodkey@westmont.edu[IT] Wireless Networks
Dec 14, 2018rodkey@westmont.eduWireless Access Point installation
Nov 30, 2018rodkey@westmont.eduGood News about Wireless
Nov 4, 2018rodkey@westmont.edu[Securitytips] Security: What makes us click?
Oct 15, 2018rodkey@westmont.edu[IT Announcement] Connor Riva
Oct 15, 2018rodkey@westmont.edu[IT] Scam warning
Oct 15, 2018rodkey@westmont.edu[IT Announcement] Copyright Infringement
Sep 11, 2018rodkey@westmont.eduChanges to email lists
Sep 5, 2018rodkey@westmont.eduUpdates from IT
Aug 17, 2018rodkey@westmont.eduPer-course email lists
Aug 15, 2018rodkey@westmont.eduImportant Wireless Network Changes
Apr 9, 2018ksheets@westmont.eduI.T. - Changes to the Gaming Network
Mar 6, 2018rodkey@westmont.eduDiscover Benefits legitimacy
Feb 26, 2018rodkey@westmont.eduEmail aliases at Westmont
Jan 30, 2018rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Security: Text message phishing
Nov 8, 2017rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Security: Warnings about two recent threats
Oct 16,17,19 2017rodkey@westmont.eduSecond Notice: Password change required
Oct 5 2017rodkey@westmont.eduemail password reset warning
Sep 28 2017rsheard@westmont.edu[fac, staff] Update on IT Support
May 17 2017rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Security: Does Westmont WannaCry ?
May 3 2017rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Heads-up: Google Docs sharing attack
Apr 7 2017rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Warning re IRS phone scam
Mar 27 2017rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Those Pesky Spam Emails, and Quiz Time!
Mar 7 2017rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Security: An attack that is currently making the
Jan 20 2017rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Breaking News: New sophisticated hacking
Jan 17 2017rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Breaking News: New sophisticated hacking techniques
Jan 13 2017rodkey@westmont.edu[securitytips] Security: Guess the relationship...
Jan 9 2017rsheard@westmont.edu[fac, staff] New IT Support System