Westmont Services affected by password changes

Services which require the new password to be supplied:
Service URL
Eureka https://eureka.westmont.edu
Wireless Network westmont_encrypted
Vendorlink https://vendorlink.westmont.edu
WestmontLink https://westmont-csm.symplicity.com
WestmontConnect https://www.westmontconnect.org/
Webster (WebAdvisor) https://webster.westmont.edu
iTunesUlocal https://itunesulocal.westmont.edu
Egnyte Cloud http://westmont.egnyte.com
Print Shop Pro http://pspro.westmont.edu
Voicemail https://voicemail.westmont.edu
Services which require the new password, but only for protected content at the site: unprotected content requires no password.
Service URL
www http://www.westmont.edu
webapps http://webapps.westmont.edu
homepage http://homepage.westmont.edu
Services which require the new password, plus additional action:
Service URL Action
Google Apps google.com (various) Log back into https://my.westmont.edu
Email on iphone or imap Client mac mail, thunderbird, MS Outlook The client may not notice the change immediately.
ssh to Linux computers ssh pilot.westmont.edu Only a few Linux servers use the LDAP password
Mounting myfiles smb://myfiles Remount (unmap and map) the share.
CAS enabled web sites upkeep, ellucidate, wheels,
warehouse, mayday, …
CAS may take some time to expire its keys, so this could happen as late as 24 hours after changing password.
elc (Egnyte local mount) smb://elc/elc Remount elc
Services which require a separate password changing step:
Service URL Action
Quartz (Rhinestone) Access and other programs speaking directly to the SQL server Contact CS team to update SQL password in Rhinestone database
WebUI (Colleague) https://uiwebprod.westmont.edu/production/sl Contact CS team to update Colleague SQL password
Ellucian Client Local client program Contact CS team to update Colleague SQL password
Services which use different authentication, and are therefore unaffected:
Podcaster https://podcaster.westmont.edu
Blogs http://blogs.westmont.edu
Salesforce https://login.salesforce.com